Our Products

Boldlook Ltd manufacture one of the best Pop-up systems available - Harmony - available as either straight or curved units and in a choice of sizes. Roll-up panels either in loop nylon or digital graphic are attached with magnetic tape - and the whole thing complete fits into a box/drum or 'Wheelie bin'.

Boldlook Ltd also make an aluminium frame system which may be used in a variety of formats - Showframe, Show-off and Solo.

Each frame has a slim profile lip to allow more area of your graphics to be on show and a flip top or sliding edge to allow easy access to panels.

One of our other products, Standex Cobra, bridges the gap between structural and modular systems and can be used by clients for self-build in addition to being used as the structural base on many major projects at exhibitions world-wide.

We are constantly responding to client's requests and developing new products including literature stands, banner frames, portable plinths, computer stations etc.

"We make it happen!"

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