Design Services

When you decide to have a display or exhibition stand you need to be sure that the design and layout is both practical and economical to construct. You may have a regular design or Ad. Agency to come up with ides, you may well have your own ideas, what we have is the experience to know how to build these ideas in reality. We can also create individual designs from scratch to suit your requirements.

Using the very latest equipment, we can design and create any artwork required to produce graphics panels, using digital printing or cut vinyl as and where appropriate.

Starting with rough scribbles your ideas can be worked into colour visuals or 3D images but always with the practical knowledge as backup to be sure the design can actually be built!!

Our Stand Build and Gallery pages show images of stands designed by Boldlook and by other partner agencies. The graphic panels and cut vinyl's used are all supplied by Boldlook from clients or our artwork as required.

"We make it happen!"

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